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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

2022                 Mavoa, J., Nansen, B., Coghlan, S., & Gibbs, M. “It’s about safety not snooping”: Parental attitudes to child tracking technologies and geolocation data. Surveillance and Society. (In press)
2022                 Mavoa, J., Nansen, B., Gibbs, M, & Carter, M. (2022) Synchronising Multi-perspectival Data of Children’s Digital Play at Home. Digital Creativity. 0(0), 1-16.
2020                 Carter, M., Moore, K., Horst, H., Gaspard, L, & Mavoa, J. (2020). Children’s Perspectives and Attitudes Toward Fortnite ‘Addiction’. Media International Australia, 176(1), 138–151.
2020                 Carter, M., Moore, K., Mavoa, J., Horst, H., & Gaspard, L. (2020). Situating the Appeal of Fortnite Within Children’s Changing Play Cultures. Games and Culture, 15(4), 453–471.
2018                 Mavoa, J., Carter, M., & Gibbs, M. Children and Minecraft: A Survey of Children’s Digital Play. New Media & Society, 20(9), 3283–3303.
2017                 Mavoa, J., Gibbs, M., & Carter, M. Constructing the Young Child Media User in Australia: A Discourse Analysis of Facebook Comments. Journal of Children and Media, 11(3), 1–17.
Peer-reviewed Book Chapters
2019                    Mavoa, J., Gibbs, M., Nansen, B., & Carter, M. Why young children don’t play: Parents’ accounts of non-engagement with digital games. In L. Green, D. Holloway, & K. Stevenson (Eds.), Digitising early childhood (pp. 192–212). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings Full Papers
2017                    Mavoa, J., Carter, M., & Gibbs, M. R. Beyond addiction: Positive and negative parent perceptions of Minecraft play. Proceedings of the 2017 Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Peer-reviewed Conference Extended Abstracts
2020                    Mavoa, J. Children’s play in Minecraft. Digitising Early Childhood International Conference, Milan, Italy. (Conference cancelled)
2020                    Carter, M., Moore, K., & Mavoa, J. It’s not an island, it’s a world: Fortnite, temporality, and worldness. Proceedings of DiGRA Australia 2020. Digital Games Research Association, Brisbane, Australia.
2019                    Mavoa, J. Creativity in children’s Minecraft play. Children’s Media Symposium: Creativity Re-booted, Platforms and Possibilities, University of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
2017                    Mavoa, J. The games children play: An analysis by title, gender and age. DiGRA Extended Abstracts. Digital Games Research Association International Conference, Swinburne University, Victoria, Australia.
Peer-reviewed Conference Panels
2022                    Mavoa, J., & Kennedy, J. Robux as Reward: In-game currencies and the dynamics of use within families. Abstract submission for panel: Challenges and opportunities for improving digital inclusion in low income Australian families. ANZCA 2022. (Accepted, conference in November 2022)
2019                    Dezuanni, M., Willett, R., Poyntz, S., & Mavoa, J. Children, young people and parents navigating digital participation: The implications for trust and authenticity. Association of Internet Researchers International Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

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