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2022 Play across worlds: Minecraft and the Metaverse. Invited article for the UK Children’s Media Foundation Media Yearbook (read widely within children’s media production and policy circles).


2022 ABC Radio Western Australia, Drive Show – interviewed about the CAIDE seed funded ‘Tracking Kids’ project.


2022 Datafying the family home: Notes on Barassi’s ‘Child Data Citizen’ Blog post for project website: Materialising Data.


2021 Free play in Minecraft: What does it look like? Blog for Digital Futures Commission, 5 Rights Foundation


2021 Sure, video games want to get you hooked on spending. But there’s no evidence they can manipulate you. The Conversation.­


2021 Why is kids’ video game Roblox worth $38 billion and what do parents need to know? The Conversation.


2020 Child’s play in the time of COVID: Screen games are still ‘real’ play. The Conversation.


2019 A happy medium? Why screens are not all bad. Interviewed for this article in The Sydney Morning Herald.


2018 What are kids getting out of playing Minecraft? Pursuit.


2018 Advising on screen time in Australia: Is the evidence up to the task? LSE Parenting for a Digital Future Blog


2018 Minecraft teaches kids about tech, but there’s a gender imbalance at play. The Conversation.


2018 Interview with Loren Smith: The Little-Known Benefits of Minecraft. Education Review.


2018 Interview with Patricia Kervales, Radio National Drive

2018 Interview with Radio 2SER, Sydney

2018 Interview with Helen Vnuk, Mamamia

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